Month: February 2019

Negative Calories

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The term’negative calorie foods’ is one that is branded around a good bit in relation to Lakeway Wildlife Removal. The myth that there are foods out there that aren’t only calorieless, but actually have a negative amount of calories, is a bit of an urban legend, and one which some people sadly believe is true.
One food that’s heavily linked with the negative calorie food myth is your vegetable celery. It is true that hundreds of people come online to ask the question’does celery have negative calories’ , every single month.
Just think about the question for a moment though, a food that has a minus number of calories, it’s quite simply ludicrous.
However, if you look at it in a different light, like how few calories a food might contain, and the number of calories the body will burn up by eating such a food, then you’re getting a little bit warmer.
I do have to point out however, that even the tiniest stick of celery has two or three calories in it, an amazingly tiny amount compared to pretty much every other food you’re every likely to consume. So I am sorry to disappoint anyone who was expecting to find out that celery has negative calories, it’s simply not true.
It is a simple fact that water has zero calories in, that’s one that you can take to the bank, but as far as calories found in foods go, you will be hard pushed to find anything with less calories in than celery. You have heard about celery being a negative calorie food, and have even been told earlier that it really contains less than zero calories, but what does it all mean?
Celery is a negative calorie food in the sense that the body will use up more calories in chewing it, digesting it, processing it, absorbing it’s nourishment, metabolizing and then getting rid of the any waste remains, than it’ll take on board from the celery. If a small piece of celery contains 2 calories and your body burns 3 calories while all this is happening, then your total is a negative amount. This is what makes celery a negative calorie food.
Negative calorie meals examples
If there were hundreds of foods that the above explanation of negative calorie foods applied to, then diet and weight loss would be a piece of cake, but there aren’t.
In order for this calculation to be anywhere near effective the foods you eat have to be incredibly low in calories, and also cause the body to work harder than normal when it comes to the processing the food and so on.
Below are a few more examples of negative calorie foods:
* Water cress
* Watermelon
So does celery have negative calories inside it? No. Does eating it mean you are likely to lose calories rather than gain them? Yes.
Sadly you can not fill your diet with so called negative calorie foods and lose weight overnight, that’s just not possible. However, foods that come under this umbrella will help to boost your metabolism, and ensure your calorie count stays low. If your aim is to lose weight, then introducing these foods, and taking out high calorie processed foods from your diet, will be a very positive step in the right direction. Every little bit of helps contributes to big changes over time.