Young Life camps throughout the United Sates offer an experience many kids describe as the "best week of their lives." With resort-quality facilities set in breathtaking locations, each of the mission's camps offers kids the chance to escape their daily routines for a life-changing week. Activities include swimming, hiking, ropes courses, Ridge Runners (not as fast as a quarter-mile track, but a real hit nonetheless) and more. The food is fit for royalty, because that's how Young Life thinks of kids, and the "enterainment" guarantees that campers will laugh a lot - and listen closely to the simple message of God's love for them.

Approximately 74,000 kids each year attend a week or weekend camp at one of Young Life's 21 camp properties accross the country, but many of those kids can't afford the trip on their own. Sadly, many others never make it to a camp at all for that very reason. Youth from urban areas are often forced to grow up too fast and lack the resources to take the trip that they so desperately need. Young Life "camperships" bridge the gap between what disadvantagedkids can afford and the cost of a week at camp (just over $400 plus transportation). Because of these camperships, more kids from urban areas are allowed to be kids again - or maybe for the first time - in the safe, beautiful and supportive environment of Young life camp.

That's why, for a fourth year, Mike Edwards Motorsports is partnering with Young Life in a fantastic effort. "A Team on a Mission" gives drivers, sponsors, racing teams and fans the chance to send disadvantaged kids to Young Life camps across the country. To date, the program has sent more than 440 kids to Young Life camp, and hopes to send more in 2009.

Young Life has been changing the world since 1941 one young person at a time. Now with more than 4,000 ministries in 50 states and more than 53 countries, Young Life has an impact on an estimated one million kids each year. And though they've made remarkable movement as a mission in terms of growth, they haven't budged an inch in their approach of going where kids are, winning the right to be heard and sharing the great news of God's love through Jesus Christ.


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